Stewardship is an integral and vital part of our Christian walk. Stewardship is the use of our time, skills and material resources as we strive to follow Christ's example of goodness, compassion and justice for all. The Diocesan Stewardship Council’s vision is that each parish “have a broad, integrated vision of stewardship that connects and ensures the spiritual and financial health of our diocesan family, strengthening the Body of Christ in our world".

We see expressions of stewardship at St. Matthew’s in so many different ways: by our clergy and lay ministry as they guide us through our rich Anglican liturgy; by our choirs at services and special concerts as they celebrate our Anglican Choral tradition; by our study groups, our seminars, our church school, our outreach initiatives, and by so many other activities that are often less apparent but still vitally important to the spiritual life and practical functioning of our church. The choices we make in our contributions to stewardship at St. Matthew’s can change our community and change our world.

Every fall, we hold a Ministries’ Fair to celebrate the many and diverse Ministries that give expression to our stewardship, and to encourage understanding of and participation in these activities. The Stewardship Committee also works closely with clergy and with the Finance and Communications Committees to ensure that our messages are on the same page.

To all who donate to St, Matthew’s, your generosity makes so many things possible and supports many worthy causes. Thank you!

Jan 2018

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