Children and Youth Ministries Coordinator

Reporting to the Rector, the Children and Youth Ministries (CYM) Coordinator is responsible for the planning, implementation and oversight of the St Matthew’s Sunday School program and the emerging Youth Ministries.

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Applications to be received no later than Friday, June 22nd, 2018.

Children’s Ministries

The CYM Coordinator directs and leads the ministries for children on Sunday morning by:

  1. ensuring that age-appropriate books and other materials for children are available at the back of the church
  2. preparing curriculum materials as needed for teachers
  3. preparing the Chapel and the Sunday School rooms prior to the arrival of the children
  4. greeting parents and children as they arrive at church
  5. welcoming new students and parents, obtaining contact information.
  6. shaping the Sunday morning church school program, and designing special events from time to time.
  7. assisting teachers as needed in class areas
  8. Ensuring the spaces used by the Sunday School students each Sunday are tidied
  9. in coordination with the Rector, providing opportunities for children to participate in the service
  10. meeting administrative responsibilities including record keeping, statistics, report writing, presentations to Councils/Vestry if invited.
  11. The CYM Coordinator ensures the smooth operation of the Sunday School by:
  1. developing a program of youth activities that appeal to our young people, and will endue them with a sense of Christian community and ethos,
  2. delivering youth events/gatherings including on some Sunday mornings and other gatherings on at least a monthly basis
  4. Coordinating with a co-leader at all events and ensuring the leader is paid.
  5. coordinating the meeting schedule for our youth and posting it in a timely manner,
  6. ensuring that any materials needed for meetings and activities are prepared and ready,
  7. coordinating participation of our youth in appropriate activities with the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, other local churches and youth organizations,
  8. maintaining contact with the youth of the parish using appropriate means, including social media.
  9. Prepare Facebook and website posts for events or expressions of spirituality, social justice etc.
  10. preparing requests and seeking approval for expenses related to programming.
  11. Communicate with the Diocese of Ottawa Youth Missioner, Leslie Giddings, and other youth leaders of the Diocese. Participate in shared events and programming.

Supports for the CYM Coordinator: